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Breakfast bars

You can use a mixture of grains and flour (rye, spelt, wheat, oats) in place of oats. You can use any mixture of fruit, nuts and seeds. Vegans can use coconut cream instead of butter.

Serves 20

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300 g Dried, stoned dates
250 ml boiling water
Preheat the oven to 130C
Grease a rectangular glass or ceramic baking dish 30cmx20cm
Chop the dates coarsely
Put in a pan and cover with boiling water
Leave to soak until nice and sqishy
250 g jumbo oats
50 g almonds, chopped finely
50 g pumpkin kernels
50 g sunflower kernels
25 g linseed
25 g chia seed
25 g grated coconut
25 g goji berries
75 g cranberries
Mix the dry ingredients in a big bowl
100 g butter
Mash the dates in the water
Add the butter and heat until the butter melts
Add to the dry ingredients and mix in
Put into the baking dish and compact it evenly
Cook for about an hour