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Cream Of Courgette Soup

Serves 8

Tags: Hot, Soup, Vegetarian, Web

2 tbsp Olive oil
15 g Butter
1 Medium Onion
Heat oil and butter in a large pan
Finely chop the onions
Cook onion gently for 5 mins
900 g Courgettes
1 tsp Oregano
600 ml Vegetable Stock
1 tsp Salt
black pepper
Slice the courgettes
Add the courgettes, stock, oregano, salt and pepper
Simmer for 30 mins stirring occasionally
100 g Dolcelatta or Istanboly cheese
300 ml Cream
Stir in the dolcelatte
Whizz in the blender
Add most of cream
reheat gently
Fresh oregano leaves
Serve and decorate with cream and oregano leaves