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SayItRight is the working title for an app that helps you to improve your english pronunciation. It has recordings of about 300 words which use all of the sounds used in UK English. You can hear a word, then record it yourself and hear what you sound like.

The app has not yet been released, but beta versions are available.


you can download a beta version for Android using the link below.

When the official release becomes available, you will need to delete this version before you install the official release.

Important: this app can record your speech. If an Android app goes wrong when it is recording, no other app can use the microphone. If this happens, switch off your phone and switch it back on again to fix the problem.

Download the Android Beta


Apple makes it very difficult to distribute apps without using AppStore. If you want to try the app, I need to know the device id of your iPhone/iPad. You can send it to me using the contact information below. If you don't know where to find the Device Id, look on the internet for instructions or ask me.

Contact info

If you have any comments or suggestions, you can contact me here or via the Lisaan Masry contact page.

Other useful sites

For more recorded words, you can use my dictionary This has over 20,000 recordings of English words.

The University of Iowa has published some very useful diagrams that show how the mouth produces each of the phonemes (sounds) that are used in English. You can find it here. You can use it online for free, or get apps for Android or iPhone/iPad for a small amount of money.